Nathan’s Success Story

Nathan's Success Story

Nathan is accomplishing his goals with a New Horizons
Academy education

For most people, the experience gained through their early years of education shape the type of individual they will become later in life. I know this to be true, as I myself feel that if it weren’t for the education, compassion and friendship that I received while a student of Sarah’s, I would not have the passion for History, Art or the world around me, that I have now. As an adult and finding my place in the world today, I can’t help but look back on my time at the Academy as one of my fondest memories. Since it was there I discovered that through knowledge of the world around you, it is absolutely possible to be the person you desire to be and accomplish the goals which you set out to accomplish. It is that drive to know that has taken me half across the world and back, visiting cultures I had previously never imagined seeing first hand.

Books and films occasionally portray that one extraordinary educator who took a floundering student, full of potential but lost in a sea of confusion and showed them a world where their potential for learning and expression could be unlocked to the benefit of themselves and those around them. For me, Sarah was and still is that person. I thank you Sarah with all the sincerity of the world and will never forget the gift you have given me.

— Nathan Aylor