Sebastian’s Success Story

Sebastian Moss' success story for New Horizons Academy

Sebastian found confidence, self-respect and a bright future at New Horizons Academy

Frustrated, confused, in doubt, scared, and disappointed were just some of the words to describe our feelings about our son’s academic predicament prior to August 2006. We recognized very early on in Sebastian’s life that he processed information and therefore learned differently than our other two children. Sebastian is a very bright and artistic child. We knew that with the right environment he could thrive. However, after many tutors, changes in schools and philosophies our son at age 15 was only getting further behind. He was three years behind in math and five years behind in reading. Success is about having wins and up until that date Sebastian had had very few. Sebastian was introverted and felt victimized. At a truly low point for him we were faced with the possibility that Sebastian may not finish high school. Without an education we knew that his future was grim.

All of this was about to change in August 2006! We found the New Horizon Academy! This approach to teaching and learning was so fresh and new that we realized that we had to investigate it. We spoke with Joke and came away with the understanding that Sebastian could succeed. We agreed with Sebastian that we were all going to give it our best effort. We would provide the financial and emotional support. Sebastian agreed to work hard and trust his teachers.

When Sebastian arrived in Texas, Joke and Sarah and the staff at New Horizon rolled up their sleeves and went to work with our son. And surprisingly so did Sebastian! Our disinterested young student started to get the ‘learning fever’. He began to get wins academically. We were seeing a more confident young man. With each passing month we could see differences—the young boy who was always quiet began to communicate and his wonderful personality began to show. Confidence was growing. Joke, Sarah and staff were there every step of the way ensuring that Sebastian’s gains would continue. They were there to catch him so that when he stumbled he wouldn’t fall. Their persistence and diligence to see Sebastian succeed was never compromised.

We have always been very proud of our son—to have endured all that he did prior to New Horizon. And now Sebastian stands very proud of himself as he graduates from high school really owning the information that he has learned. And this accomplishment is more than a piece of paper, signature and seal but represents the commitment, energy and fortitude that our son has gained throughout this process. Sebastian is truly a changed young man. He has been given the template to succeed in anything he chooses in life. He has found confidence. He is articulate. He has created positive change within himself that he thought was not possible. (We always knew it was in there!) He is truly at cause in his life and is starting college this winter!

This was possible because of the skills that Joke, Sarah and the staff at New Horizon possess and their years of experience in delivering it. We will be forever grateful for the time and energy and love that they put forth to help an ailing young soul become a confident young man. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We truly feel and know that New Horizon is the place that any child (whether they need to catch up, move at a faster pace or need to gain personal confidence) will thrive and reach their goals. We feel fortunate for being able to make this opportunity a reality for our child. We trust that in the loving hands of Joke and Sarah this is the answer for any child to realize their ‘new horizon’.

With all of our love,

Gabriella and Raymond Moss