Crystal’s Success Story

Crystal Legg's Success Story for New Horizons Academy


Although my daughter Crystal has been in private schools all her life, she never had great wins in her education, and little by little started to display bad indications until she finally stopped reading altogether and refused to do her homework. She was completely bogged in her math.

By this time she was 14 years old and starting 9th grade.

I decided to get some serious help. Crystal received two weeks of tutoring from Joke, during which she called me at home extremely excited about grammar terms—the meanings of which she could remember for the first time. Joke had expertly found her major area of misunderstandings and expertly taught these so that Crystal could actually grasp these concepts. This was the first time I saw Crystal win educationally.

I enrolled Crystal at the New Horizons Academy in October last year. She continued to have light bulbs go on, as Joke cleaned up her English and he teacher, Sarah Brauninger, started clearing up her math (from 1st grade moving forward). Crystal called me on numerous occasions, happy to finally understand many math concepts she had not known before.

Over the following months she even won her first academic award. Crystal brought her trophy home with great pride. It was a great moment for me, her mother, to witness this accomplishment after her previous difficulties, and I could not have been prouder or more grateful.

Joke and Sarah are true teachers, expert at their profession, they have passion. This is true education, the kind that all of our children should get. I have not found this anywhere else.

My daughter was not only salvaged, she took a giant step in her life. What can I say to express my gratitude to all the staff at the New Horizons? You are the best. I love you all, and I can’t thank you enough.

The despair I felt 1 ½ years ago has been replaced with happiness at my daughter’s success in life. There is nothing worth more to me and this would not have occurred without Joke and Sarah’s great care and expertise.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

— Love, Chantal Legg