Success Stories

Megan Howard, a graduate of New Horizons Academy in October, 2011, scored in the top 1% in the nation on the SATs. Out of a possible perfect 800, Megan scored 800 in Reading, 780 in Writing and 690 in Math. These scores put Megan … [Continue Reading]

Our most recent graduate scored TOP 1% in the NATION on the SATs.

I think it is safe to say that New Horizons is the best thing to happen to me thus far. When I first went there I wasn't a 'bad student' or anything, but my life wasn't very great. I didn't have much to show for my tone level, but by the … [Continue Reading]

Spencer Tweed's Success Story for New Horizons Academy

Frustrated, confused, in doubt, scared, and disappointed were just some of the words to describe our feelings about our son’s academic predicament prior to August 2006. We recognized very early on in Sebastian’s life that he processed … [Continue Reading]


Although my daughter Crystal has been in private schools all her life, she never had great wins in her education, and little by little started to display bad indications until she finally stopped reading altogether and refused to do her … [Continue Reading]

Crystal Legg's Success Story for New Horizons Academy

I graduated in 2009 with a BSBA (Bachelor Science and Bachelor Arts) in Marketing. Now I am working on my Masters in Urban and Regional Planning. Without Sarah’s help I would be been probably working at McDonald's. All of you made such an … [Continue Reading]

Amanda Boscoe's success story for New Horizons Academy